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European Facial:
A classic facial in the European style that is customized to your skin type, session includes two cleanses, steam, exfoliation, Extraction (if desired) and Masque. A soothing massage on the neck, shoulders and arms concludes this facial. “A great way to escape and have some alone time!”  $49.00 – 1 Hour Treatment
The Skin Glowing Facial:
This treatment exfoliates, deep cleanses pores and brightens dull aging skin using antioxidants and brightening benefits of lemon, lactic acid, glycolic acid and kojic (natural brightening agent).  This treatment relieves the surface signs of aging, promotes deep hydration, stimulates collagen and protects from environmental damage. Leaves skin in an absolute glowing and radiant state
 $75.00 – 1 hour treatment, Awesome anti-aging treatment!
Paraffin Facial:
This treatment provides multi-faceted benefits for the skin. This is considered a facial peel; the heat of the wax opens the skin’s pores and deep cleanses the pores, adds moisture, lightens the complexion and calms the body.  A facial massage is performed to stimulate circulation for better penetration of the wax, than Vitamin C is applied and specially designed protective gauze is placed over the face, still allowing the nutrients and heat to work its magic.  Four layers of paraffin wax are applied over the gauze.  The layers are peeled off after 15 minutes and customized serums and moisturizers are applied.  The skin is dewy and supple.
Suitable for Normal, Aging, Dry and Mature skin. 1 Hour Treatment -$70.00
Back Facial:
This treatment is a great way to relax and de-stress.  The Back is cleansed and exfoliated, mineral salts and Sedona mud is used to detox and relax the muscles, followed by a soothing massage on the neck, back, shoulders and arms.  Finished off with a moisturizing treatment.  A favorite of men.  1 Hour Treatment - $69.00
Microdermabrasion Treatment:
A deep exfoliation of the skin that improves the appearance of lines, blemishes, dull, sun damaged skin and cleaning of enlarged pores. Whether you have a problem area or are in need of a quick pick me up; brighter, smoother skin. Restores a healthy smooth and vibrant feel to the skin.
One Treatment - $65.00
Five Treatments - $300.00
European Facial with a microdermabrasion treatment - 1 hour - $95.00, includes calming mask
Add light peel to any facial or microdermabrasion treatment for an additional $25.00
Fruit Enzyme Facial
Enjoy an hour of relaxation, deep pore cleansing and exfoliation. This treatment will give you silky and moisturized skin by removing the dead cells from the upper layer of the Corneum.  It will improve the health of your skin and help fight the signs of aging and free radicals by loading the skin with antioxidants.  In no time you will have brighter, smoother skin.  Great facial for a special occasion! Cost: 1 hour - $75.00
Pumpkin Enzyme Facial:
This treatment will assist in increasing the rate of cell renewal, help in reversing the signs of aging by exfoliating the dead cells in the upper layer of the skin.   Repair serums and ampoules are used to protect and regenerate your skin. Leaving the skin rejuvenated, smoother and more youthful in appearance.  A great way to get introduced to glycolic acid peels. 1 hour -$80.00
Glycolic Peel:
Potency strengths range from light to deep (30%light, medium 40%-50%,deep 60%-70%)
30% Peel – Will rejuvenate and refresh your skin and help reduce the signs of aging.
Benefits; Removes dead skin allowing for moisturizers to penetrate the skin better.  Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen, elastin production, and helps to jumpstart the skin rejuvenation process.  Cost: light peel, per treatment $55.00, Medium & Deep Peel, $75.00 per treatment
Salicylic Peel:
(Beta-hydroxyl Acid) - Potency strength 20% & 30% -Is a highly effective superficial peeling agent, oil reducer and pore cleanser. It is one of the most effective ingredients to combat facial oil, acne and blemishes, as well as rejuvenating properties. Cost; $75.00 per treatment
Fusion Peel (Medium Peel)
A multi acid, multi enzyme peal solution, suitable for all skin types and issues. An exfoliating agent that produces many skin benefits; Softens fine lines and wrinkles, acne reduction, increases collagen and elastin growth, improves texture, clarity, helps even discoloration and reduces pore size.  Downtime: Varies according to individual skin traits and elected application time/layers. Cost:  $85.00
Luminance Skin Peel – 
Lactic Acid with Kojic Acid- Visibly improves skin tone, brightens and smooth’s the skin. Great peel for skin that is dull and dry.  Cost: $75.00
Chin: $10.00
Lip:   $10.00
Underarms: 20.00 
Stomach:  $25.00
Back:  $55.00 (including shoulders)
Half leg:  $25.00
Full leg:  $60.00
Half arm:  $20.00
Full arm:  $35.00
Services provided by Donna Ziajko licensed Esthetician (License #FB9747997)