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HGH-SprayHuman growth Hormone (HGH) is the bio-identical equivalent of a hormone that naturally occurs in the body, Growth Hormone (GH). GH is known for its ability to stimulate cell growth and renewal. But, as the body ages GH levels peak somewhere between the age of 21-30, and then aggressively decline at a rate of 14% per decade.

Adults need HGH to maintain proper body composition of healthy fat, muscle, and bone in the body. The HGH Program will improve your skin, bone density, muscle strength and mass, mental function, sexual power, and overall sense of well-being.

The medical purpose of HGH in our bodies to to aid in cellular reproduction; which means as our cells die, new and stronger cells form. This process is regulated by HGH. HGH is naturally occurring in the human body.

Key Benefits of the HGH Spray

  • Improved Strength and Muscle Gains
  • Effective Healing and Recovery
  • Increased Energy, Libido and Heart Support
  • Improved Sleep